2015 Kentucky Derby Odds

Of all the information necessary to bet on the Kentucky Derby none are more important than the betting odds. The name of the game in horse racing is valuation - at the right price the longest shot becomes a 'positive EV' selection and at the wrong price even the strongest favorite becomes unbettable.  Not knowing or understanding betting odds is like going shopping without understanding how products are priced. Parimutuel odds change all the time up until the start of the race and unlike sports betting they're not 'locked in' when you purchase your ticket - the official payout information isn't known until after the race is run.

Kentucky Derby Odds

Here’s ten of the top contenders for the Kentucky Derby and their current betting odds.  This list is in no specific order.  It’s common for prices to vary from one book to another based on how much money they’re holding on various horses.



Morning Line Odds

The 2015 Kentucky Derby is scheduled for May 2, 2015 from the iconic Churchill Downs race track in Louisville, Kentucky.  Actual ‘track odds’ won’t be available until the week of the race.  There are futures betting markets in a variety of betting jurisdictions as well as a futures betting pool in Kentucky.  In Las Vegas, the Wynn Race and Sportsbook along with the William Hill chain of sports books is taking early action on the 141st running of the Kentucky Derby.


The 2015 Kentucky Derby contenders are starting to emerge but there’s very little clarity as to which ones will end up in the field.  The Wynn and William Hill Sports Books still have over 200 individual betting interests listed on their board.  The odds on some of the better known horses are starting to drop precipitously to the point that it might be a better option to wait until the track odds are posted.  You’re not getting enough value to limit your betting options down the road.

Despite the fact that a few three year olds are beginning to distinguish themselves the futures odds movement process remains unchanged.  What happens is that the odds on a horse will plummet after they win a race or even run well in a losing effort.  While this might seem like a very arbitrary way to predict the winner of the 2015 Kentucky Derby it’s actually as good a method as any for dealing with the huge volume of betting interests available for futures wagering.  This is especially true given the revised qualification process—horses need to win races to earn enough points to qualify for the Kentucky Derby.  A win in what may seem like an insignificant race earns qualification points and improves a horse’s chances of making the Derby field.


While the majority of the field are priced at triple digit odds there are some exceptions.  Dortmund opened at 150/1 but his price has come crashing down following a win in the Grade I Los Alamitos Futurity.  Dortmund is now the favorite in the Wynn futures betting pool priced at 6/1.  He’s priced at 12/1 at William Hill and in the official Kentucky Derby futures pool #2. 

In reality, serious futures bettors aren’t trying to ‘pick the winner’ of the Kentucky Derby—a task that amounts to finding the proverbial ‘needle in a haystack’ at this early date.  The idea is to take positions on one or (hopefully) more horses that end up in the field.  In other words, bettors are trying to ‘catch a price’ that they can hedge otherwise leverage later in the betting cycle. 

Even the early favorites aren’t guaranteed to make the Derby field.  With only 20 spots and hundreds of horses looking to fill them the odds are against the winners of the early Derby prep races no matter how impressive their performance.

There won't be any official Kentucky Derby odds until the Wednesday before the 2015 race. After the field is finalized morning line odds will be released by Churchill Downs oddsmaker Mike Bataglia. These will be the 'opening numbers' for betting purposes but they'll change often due to actual wagering patterns at the race track and simulcast locations. We'll update as the race gets closer with futures betting information from the Wynn Las Vegas Race Book followed by morning line information and live betting updates from Churchill Downs.

Live Betting Odds

Once betting opens for the race the odds then move in accordance with the money wagered on certain horses. Public sentiment can make a morning line 'also ran' into a favourite and an overlooked horse can become a favourite of 'wise guys' and attract a lot of betting action. Watching the odds move at this point can reveal information about who the public likes (and doesn't like).

Official Pay Information

Once the Kentucky Derby has been run and the order of finish confirmed the track tote board will post pay information for the top three horses ('win, place and show') and the exotic wagers like the exacta and trifecta. This will be based on the actual betting for the race minus the track takeout.

Finding Accurate Kentucky Derby 2015 Odds

The most important thing to remember is that you want to get your odds for the Kentucky Derby at a reputable website (like ours) to make sure you get accurate information before you make any bets on the horse race in 2015. There are quite a few websites out there that are full of misinformation. Making sure you stick with a reputable website like ours is important when it comes to Kentucky Derby odds.

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